The Greatest Goddamn Sketch Comedy In New York

The Two Monkeys

Chris and Kevin don't have a hell of a lot of shame and will pretty much do anything on stage, even with their parents in the audience. Yeah. That happened. It was rough. 

The Past Cast

We have one hell of a Crass Monkey veterans list, many of whom have gone on to appear in movies, television and court hearings!

The Concept

We excel in stupid-smart comedy that showcases our love for film and bad TV, and our general disdain towards society. (Talent might be showcased, but only on accident)


Jeff Calhoun, Broadway Director/Choreographer

 "Crass Monkey are hilarious! They have the intelligence of May and Nichols with the visceral pleasures of Aykroyd and Belushi. Sketch comedy reminiscent of Second City and SNL during their hay days." 

Backstage Magazine

 “A tight and cohesive set of absurdist material that flowed smoothly from one sketch to the next, kept the audience guessing, took on God and Betty White, and even coined a new catchphrase. But most importantly, The Crass Monkey was very funny.”  

Jeff Goldblum

"Please, uh, leave me alone."

About Us & Shit

Our live sketch comedy show consists of on-stage segments with video segments in between.

You know, so we can change our wigs and dresses and stuff. If you'd like us for a gig but don't have any video playing capabilities, don't worry! We can just find one of those homeless dudes who can play the upside-down bucket surprisingly well for costume changes, but it'll cost seventy-five cents and/or a smile. 

Crass Monkey

New York, New York, United States

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